This course is to encourage cultural dialogue of African American males and speaking about emotional health. Beyond the Shop serves as the bridge for public health disparities with marginalized males that will come in contact with/or seek treatment of any emotional related social issues. In addition, we train Barbers to become Mental Health Advocates.

African-American men experience disproportionately higher rates of unemployment, poverty, incarceration and chronic illness than their white counterparts. We understand that cultivating a culture of mental health for Black boys and men requires equipping our brothers with the information, tools, and steps to combat the systemic racism they face.

The Confess Project has curated an engaging self-development course that empowers Black men with knowledge about mental health, financial literacy, home ownership, fatherhood, and other subjects pertinent to Black excellence. Ultimately, this yearlong course is designed to enhance the life trajectory and prolong the life expectancy of our brothers by promoting health and wellness.

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Stated that they will seek mental health services from a professional if it was located in a barbershop.

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Men of color wanting to receive professional services for their emotional and mental health.

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